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The Whitehorse City Council is governed and must comply with the Local Government Act 1989. It is located here for those who wish to read it (all 468 pages!). Of note are two Statements in the Preamble, Page 1. Namely:

(4) It is the role of the Council to provide governance and leadership for the local community through advocacy, decision making and action.


(5) It is essential that there is a legislative framework that provides for Councils to be accountable to their local communities in the performance of functions and the exercise of powers and the use of resources.


Got an Issue?

Impacted by a new development application? The following information and links may help:

Check an address for overlays and zones  Enter street address (top left corner)

Character statements for an address  – Character Statements   –  Map

Check progress of permit online

Visit Council to view the file

Tree Protection Overlay.

Permit requirements

Vegetation replacement list


Submission of an Objection to a Planning Application.

Speaking about a proposal to a Council meeting


The Objection Process

VCAT Hearing – The next step

Enforcement of permit conditions

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