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Bi-Monthly Information/educational presentations.

7.00 pm, 19 June 2024.
Blackburn Lake Visitors Centre

Managing Our Urban Forest.

Forestree software for Council and residents to monitor trees.


Belinda Moody, City of Whitehorse Urban Greening Officer and Leonie Gibson, Coordinator Natural Environment & Strategy.

Bookings essential, seating is limited. .... More details.




Postponed to 19th October 2024.


A CROWAG Public Forum


The Clash: 
Higher Density Living and a Changing Climate.

Educate, Motivate and Empower community residents.


Event description


The Clash: Higher Density Living and a Changing Climate – A free public event.

Would you like to know more about coming climate change impacts in Whitehorse, do you worry about how planning laws will address those climate impacts?

Come along to our special forum on 4th May 2024 at the Whitehorse Community Arts Centre, Box Hill . We are lining up some excellent speakers who are experts in their field.

Click to view venue Location Map.


Please note:

1. Parking is available, restriction free on weekends on Combarton St. and the 2 nearest streets off Combarton - Hannaslea and Patricia Sts. Also on the west side of Station St, opposite the venue along Alexander and Kent Sts. There is a pedestrian crossing to the venue.

2. Bookings essential through the Humanatix site.            Book Now. 

3. Register by 12.45 and be seated for a 1.00 start.


About the Forum.

Forum Aim:

  • To learn from climate experts about the  realities of what we can expect in Whitehorse from further destabilising climate change including some surprises.

  • Explore how new state government housing policy (Sept 2023) will  inevitably clash with climate change mitigation and adaptation objectives.

  • And have your say about what the government and City of Whitehorse are doing to address the climate emergency and the threat of the new housing policy.



A detailed program will shortly be added to this page.



Bi-Monthly Information/educational presentations.

15 February 2023.


Protecting Democracy and Public Amenity.

The Hon. Kelvin Thomson, Convenor -  Planning Democracy.

For members and Affiliate members - limited to 38 people. .... More details. 



1 April 2023.
A CROWAG Public Forum

Save Our Canopy Trees.

Educate, Motivate and Empower community residents.


Event description


Save Our Canopy Trees Forum – A free public event.

Are you concerned about the steady loss of tree canopy in Whitehorse and would like to do something about it?

Come along to our special forum on 1st April 2023 at the Nunawading Community Hub. We have some excellent speakers lined up, including Dr Greg Moore OAM, chair of the National Trust of Victoria's Register of Significant Trees committee and a senior research associate at University of Melbourne, (Ecosystem and Forest Sciences), Burnley Campus.

It will be an opportunity for you to have your say on what can be done in Whitehorse to improve tree protection and halt the decline in our tree canopy and to encourage full funding and implementation of the City of Whitehorse Urban Forest Strategy.

Please note:

1. Plenty of parking is available off Springvale Road.
2. Register by 1.15 and be seated for a 1.30 start.  


About the Forum.

Understanding impacts:

  • The advantages of trees and impacts of tree and understory loss on private backyards and public land.

  • The mechanisms which lead to inappropriate development and removal of tree canopy and biodiversity.

Forum Aim:

  • Your introduction to the City of Whitehorse Urban Forest Strategy (UFS) and encouraging its adoption into the Planning Scheme.

  • Reform of State government planning provisions to retain neighbourhood character and tree canopy.

  • More action by the City of Whitehorse to support improved planning, the protection of tree canopy and real implementation of its UFS


Community Empowerment:

  • Identify actions you and others can take to help retain neighbourhood character, tree canopy and to build our urban forest.

  • To document your requests and ideas for CROWAG to take to Council and the State Government.


A detailed program will shortly be added to this page.


CROWAG (Combined Residents of Whitehorse Action Group) is a non-political, peak organisation in Whitehorse. It advocates for the entire community and its well-being. In addition to running educational seminars throughout the year, we liaise with state and local government and regularly make submissions seeking improved governance, transparency and decision making and for residents to have a stronger say, especially to achieve more appropriate planning.


We are working every week to improve community amenity, conservation, tree and heritage protections and to achieve more open space for families and the community generally. Members include people just like yourself, who join individually, or are one of our eleven (11) affiliate organisation members, representing a wide cross section of the community.

We welcome new members. This is a great way to volunteer and to get a little more involved in taking action about things in which you believe.





Bi-Monthly Information/educational presentation.

15 June 22. The City of Whitehorse CEO Simon McMillan.

20 April 22. The City of Whitehorse Environment & Sustainability Reference Group (ESRG).- Mayor Tina Liu (Chair) and Cr Prue Cutts.



2020 Council Elections


CROWAG congratulates successful candidates. A breakdown of votes by ward follows.


First Number = 1st Pref%

2nd number = Final%

Cootamundra - Andrew Munroe - 37.26, 50.77


Eley - Trudy Skilbeck - 39.56, 53.32


Elgar - Blair Barker - 41.79, 53.05


Kingsley - Amanda McNeill - 31.26, 50.27


Lake - Denise Massoud - 46.58, 54.54


Mahoneys - Mark Lane - 25.25, 52.00


Simpson - Prue Cutts - 52.87, 52.87


Sparks - Tina Liu - 20.34, 51.34


Terrara - Raylene Carr - 43.62, 52.26


Walker - Ben Stennett - 50.65, 50.65


Wattle - Andrew Davenport - 51.62, 51.6



Candidate Statements - CROWAG Questionnaire.

Ward boundary map.JPG
Ward              Select highlight to read


1. Only statements received are highlighted.

2. * indicates candidate elected not to complete.

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