CROWAG - The Combined Residents of Whitehorse Action Group - is an amalgamation of several local resident action groups within the City of Whitehorse. 


These include:

  • Laburnum Residents (Blackburn)

  • Blackburn South Raiders (Holland Road) - Residents

Against Inappropriate Development

  • Blackburn & District  Tree Preservation Society Inc

  • Significant Landscape Overlay Group Blackburn SLOG

  • Glenburnie Road Residents Association Inc

  • Bellbird Residents’ Advocacy Group

  • Frankcom and Downing Street Group (Blackburn)

  • Blackburn Village Residents Group

  • Salisbury Avenue Residents Group, Laburnum

  • Mitcham Residents Association

  • Forest Ridge Group

  • Whitehorse Active Transport Action Group


Please refer sub-page 'Member Group Details' for contact information of CROWAG Members.

CROWAG was incorporated in September 2018, with the following office bearers:

  • Chairman - David Morrison 

  • Public Officer - Denis Rodgers 

  • Treasurer - Brad Baker

  • Correspondence Secretary - David Berry

  • Marketing & Communications Officer - Jo-ann Lewis

The Group came about due to the concern of a broadening disconnect between Whitehorse City Council and its constituents resulting in poor accountability and a lack of transparency in relation to development in the City of Whitehorse. Also of concern are the inconsistencies encountered when dealing with Council, arborists, planners and VCAT when objecting to developments, as well as from the Victorian Building Authority (VBA) and  the State Government.

CROWAG will advocate for appropriate and sustainable development concerning built-form, public amenity and the natural landscape within the municipality of Whitehorse to all tiers of government. We will support individuals and organisations advocating for appropriate and sustainable development and aim to develop and maintain open and mutually beneficial dialogue with the Whitehorse City Council to balance all development within Whitehorse with the need to preserve and enhance the quality of life for residents and the natural landscape of Whitehorse.

Please make contact with us if you believe we can be of assistance in relation to inappropriate developments in your area.