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CROWAG - The Combined Residents of Whitehorse Action Group - is an amalgamation of several local resident action groups within the City of Whitehorse. 

These include:

  • Laburnum Residents (Blackburn)

  • Blackburn South Raiders (Holland Road) - Residents Against Inappropriate Development

  • Blackburn & District  Tree Preservation Society Inc - website

  • Significant Landscape Overlay Group Blackburn SLOG

  • Glenburnie Road Residents Association Inc

  • Bellbird Residents’ Advocacy Group - website

  • Frankcom and Downing Street Group (Blackburn)

  • Blackburn Village Residents Group - website

  • Salisbury Avenue Residents Group, Laburnum

  • Mitcham Residents Association - Facebook

  • Whitehorse Active Transport Action Group - website

  • Glengarry Action Group - website

  • Surrey Hills and Mont Albert Progress Association  - Facebook

  • ACF Community Chisolm - Facebook

  • Jeffery Street Association

  • Bungalook Nursery - Whitehorse Community Indigenous Plant Project Inc. - website

Please note:  At this time, not all groups have a website / facebook page. Should you wish to contact an individual member group that does not have separate contact details, please use the CROWAG contact page here

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