2020 Council Elections


CROWAG congratulates successful candidates. A breakdown of votes by ward follows.


First Number = 1st Pref%

2nd number = Final%

Cootamundra - Andrew Munroe - 37.26, 50.77


Eley - Trudy Skilbeck - 39.56, 53.32


Elgar - Blair Barker - 41.79, 53.05


Kingsley - Amanda McNeill - 31.26, 50.27


Lake - Denise Massoud - 46.58, 54.54


Mahoneys - Mark Lane - 25.25, 52.00


Simpson - Prue Cutts - 52.87, 52.87


Sparks - Tina Liu - 20.34, 51.34


Terrara - Raylene Carr - 43.62, 52.26


Walker - Ben Stennett - 50.65, 50.65


Wattle - Andrew Davenport - 51.62, 51.6



Candidate Statements - CROWAG Questionaire.

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1. Only statements received are highlighted.

2. * indicates candidate elected not to complete.


Yous say on Council projects - 

We encourage Whitehorse to seek community engagement. Projects currently seeking community input can be found at 'Our Say' 

Inquiry into Environmental Infrastructure for Growing Populations - 

Read CROWAG's submission referencing the former Box Hill Brickworks site.All community submissions can be read on the Parliament of Vic site.

2020 Council Election:

Candidate Statements to CROWAG questionnaire are available at 'Events'.

VicSmart Changes - Unintended Consequences

CROWAG recently wrote to the Minister of Planning, Richard Wynne regarding our concerns regarding proposed changes to VicSmart and the potential negative impact on the landscape of Whitehorse. Please find a copy of our correspondence here.

The Minister's response can be viewed here.

North East Link

CROWAG Member David Berry of the Blackburn & District Tree Preservation Society has prepared a presentation on the affects of the proposed North East Link. See a summary here

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