CROWAG - The Combined Residents of Whitehorse Action Group - is an amalgamation of several local resident action groups within the City of Whitehorse. 


These include:

  • Laburnum Residents (Blackburn)

  • Blackburn South Raiders (Holland Road) - Residents Against Inappropriate Development

  • Blackburn & District  Tree Preservation Society Inc - website

  • Significant Landscape Overlay Group Blackburn SLOG

  • Glenburnie Road Residents Association Inc

  • Bellbird Residents’ Advocacy Group - website

  • Frankcom and Downing Street Group (Blackburn)

  • Blackburn Village Residents Group - website

  • Salisbury Avenue Residents Group, Laburnum

  • Mitcham Residents Association - Facebook

  • Forest Ridge Group

  • Whitehorse Active Transport Action Group - website

Please note:  At this time, not all groups have a website / facebook page. Should you wish to contact an individual member group that does not have separate contact details, please use the CROWAG contact page here


CROWAG Member David Berry of the Blackburn & District Tree Preservation Society has prepared a presentation on the affects of the proposed North East Link. See a summary here

Welcome to the website for the Combined Residents of Whitehorse Action Group (CROWAG) Incorporated.

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